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Property Transactions

Providing expertise in the area of Property transactions

At Bruen & Co., located in the heart of Drumcondra, we provide a full range of services related to Property Transactions. Read more about what we can do for you:

  • Purchase of Commercial, Residential Property & Mixed Developments: We can help you to navigate the legal intricacies of acquiring various types of Property Transactions, such as commercial units, residential homes, or developments that encompass both. This includes adhering to Irish property law, conducting searches to ensure clear title, coordinating with relevant authorities for planning permission, and handling the transfer of ownership through the Tailte Éireann or Registry of Deeds.
  • Sale of Commercial, Residential Property & Mixed Developments: Our service here encompasses managing the legal aspects of selling different types of properties in Ireland, including commercial spaces, residential properties, or mixed developments. It involves drafting contracts compliant with Irish property regulations, conducting necessary disclosures, coordinating with solicitors representing the buyer, and ensuring smooth transfer of ownership while adhering to Irish property laws and regulations.
  • Re-mortgaging and Top Up Loans on Properties: In Ireland, re-mortgaging and securing top-up loans on properties involve navigating the specific regulations of the Irish mortgage market. This includes liaising with financial institutions, conducting valuations, ensuring compliance with Central Bank regulations, drafting and reviewing mortgage documents, and facilitating the registration of mortgages with the Tailte Éireann .
  • Voluntary Transfers of Property: This refers to the legal transfer of property ownership in Ireland without a sale, often involving scenarios such as transfers between family members, gifts, or estate planning. It entails drafting deeds of transfer, ensuring compliance with Stamp Duty requirements, conducting searches to verify title, and facilitating the registration of the transfer with the appropriate authorities, such as the Tailte Éireann or Registry of Deeds.
  • Negotiating Residential & Commercial Leases for Landlord or Tenant: In Ireland, negotiating leases involves understanding the nuances of Irish tenancy law, including the Residential Tenancies Acts and the Landlord and Tenant Law. It includes drafting lease agreements tailored to Irish legal requirements, negotiating terms such as rent reviews and break clauses, addressing statutory obligations for landlords and tenants, and ensuring compliance with regulations governing rent control and tenancy deposit protection.
  • Disputes arising from Residential or Commercial Lease: we can help you resolve conflicts between landlords and tenants in Ireland regarding the terms of lease agreements, such as rent arrears, maintenance issues or breaches of lease covenants. It involves navigating the dispute resolution mechanisms available under Irish law, including mediation through the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB), adjudication, or court proceedings in the Residential Tenancies or Circuit Court, depending on the nature and severity of the dispute.
  • Breaches of Planning Provisions: In Ireland, addressing breaches of planning provisions involves ensuring compliance with the planning regulations outlined in the Planning and Development Acts. It includes advising clients on planning permission requirements, representing clients in discussions with Local Authorities and An Bord Pleanála, and resolving disputes through appeals, enforcement proceedings, or judicial review in the Irish courts, with a focus on achieving compliance with planning regulations while minimizing legal risk and potential penalties.

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